Our Services

Below are some of the services we can offer to both residential or commercial properties.

Residential Window Cleaning

We offer regular domestic/residential window cleaning services.

We utilise the latest in pure water technology for all types of windows, this ensures a streak and spot free finish. 

The use of pure water means there are no residues or chemicals used so when there is rain no marks will be left on the windows. 

Commercial Window Cleaning

Already providing window cleaning services to many commercial, educational and industrial properties. 

We are able to offer a high quality service to your business at highly competitive rates.

We believe that the quality of our work is so good with water fed pole you'd not be able to find a difference in comparison to traditional window cleaning; however this service is still available.

Soffit, Fascia and Gutter Cleaning

One of Glass Master's most popular services. 

Our specialist water fed poles combined with ladder access and environmentally friendly chemicals designed especially for cleaning the plastics on the externals of houses means we are the market leader in this field.

Check out the testimonials page for before and after photos.

Gutter Clearing

It is imperative that gutters are kept clear of debris such as moss, leaves and silt which causes unnecessary blockages and eventually causes damage to your property. 

We use our state of the art gutter vacuum to remove all debris from your gutters and downpipes. This keeps water flowing to the sewers as it should. This service is available for all properties including commercial premises. 

By using a gutter vacuum we can ensure every minute piece of debris is removed and also prevents damage to your guttering and fascias by applying the weight of a ladder to your property.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We are able to use our specialist soft brushes attached to our water fed poles to safely and effectively clean solar panels.

Did you know dirty solar panels can account for losing up to 20% efficiency. We offer a very cost effective solution to bring them back up to peak performance and also increases their life.

Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory cleans are also part of our day to day business. 

After a cold and wet winter they are often left with algae on the UPVC and also can have leaves and other debris on the roof. Glass Masters are able to clean the entire conservatory and bring it back to its former condition.

Many companies charge over £1000 for conservatory cleaning - our prices start from just £50 for a small conservatory roof clean.

Cladding Cleaning

A popular service that we provide is cladding cleaning. It can completely transform the look of a property by freshening up the exterior with the removal of dirt and mould etc.

Shop Signage

The first thing that people look at when approaching a shop is the signage.

It's always best to make a good impression and have this signage clean and sparkling, so that's exactly what we do!

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