Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I being charged more the first time you are cleaning my windows?

A. The Glass Masters team pride themselves on very high standards and we use the most cutting edge of water fed pole systems combined with ultra pure water. Unlike many companies we also include cleaning window sills and frames as standard. Even if your windows have been cleaned regularly; the first clean can take longer for us to achieve a truly sparkling finish which also uses more of our expensive to produce water.


Q. Your team was cleaning my windows today in the rain; surely that's a waste of time?

A.  We offer a regular service to our customers and in order to do that we do occasionally have to clean on rainy days. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee so if we have cleaned your windows (raining or not) and for any reason you're not happy with the finish we will happily do them again for free (let us know within 24 hours). 

The water that comes out of your tap at home (especially on the south coast) is known as hard water; this is because it has a high concentration of impurities namely chalk and limescale. These are measured in parts per million (PPM) and the tap water in Sussex is around 400 ppm this is what leaves unsightly marks on the glass - that is why you need to chamois your car after cleaning it. Because the water we use is ultra pure water (0 ppm) it makes no difference cleaning in the rain as rain is also very pure - so the windows will dry to our usual sparkling finish when the rain stops.

Q. Why are you taking a 10% deposit for the quote I've accepted?

A. To keep customer costs down and for us to run efficiently, we book properties in the same area together. This ensures customers receive our best attention as we cannot fill cancellations at the last minute. 


Q. What payments do you accept?

A. We accept cash, all major credit and debit cards (chip & pin and contactless) and bank transfers (BACS)

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. Residential: on day of completion of work

      Commercial: within 30 days of invoice


Q. I'd like to skip your window cleaning on the next visit; is this acceptable?

A. Here at Glass Masters we understand the unforeseen happens and you may not be able to accommodate our visit to clean your windows. We will make an allowance for this on one occasion per year. The individualised quote you received on our first visit takes into account the frequency of cleans and we adjust these accordingly if it is just a one off clean you require.


Q. How will I know what day you're coming to clean my windows?

A. Unlike most other window cleaning companies we send a convenient text message the afternoon/evening the day before we come.


Q. What other services can Glass Masters offer besides window cleaning?

A. We offer gutter clearance using our state of the art gutter vacuum. We also offer gutter, soffit, fascia and conservatory roof cleaning - for this we use an algae and traffic film removal chemical to remove all contaminants, kill algae and inhibit it from returning for a longer periods of time.


Q. Can you advise me what time you'll be arriving to clean my windows?

A. With most customers we don't require you to be in when we clean your windows. We don't like to quote times as jobs can overrun if we encounter any problems - the best we can offer you is to let your know if it will be AM or PM when we arrive. We operate from 8am - 5pm in the winter (due to light) and 8am - 7pm in the summer months.


Q. I agreed to a 4/8 weekly service but you arrived a few days earlier/later than I expected you to?

A. Both of us are full time fire fighters and we fit all of our window cleaning work around our shifts; so this sometimes means we will arrive a few days earlier or later than you may anticipate - this evens out over the course of a year.


Q. What is included when you clean my windows?

A. An efficient and reliable service by courteous and conscientious professionals; as standard we clean the sills and frames which many other companies do not.


Q. Why are the windows left wet after you have cleaned them?

A. We have made a serious investment into the latest pure water cleaning technology which is the new standard for window cleaning. Traditional (with a mop and squeegee) is still used for certain situations. But we believe pure water window cleaning is the most efficient way to clean windows as well as leaving a better finish - it is also much better for the environment as we only use water to clean the windows not any chemicals.


Q. You cleaned my windows today and there are white water marks dried onto the glass / anything else you're not happy with

A. If it's the first time we've cleaned your property then we always advise that because our water fed pole system is so efficient and we clean the entire window (frame and sills) this can unearth deposits of dirt in cracks and crevices that runs out after we've left. This can simply be removed using a dry micro fibre cloth; however if you are not completely satisfied with our service or the work completed then please contact us without delay within 24 hours of us leaving your property and we will return to rectify the problem or clean your windows again free of charge.


Q. What areas do you cover?

A. We window clean in both West Sussex and East Sussex. Namely: Brighton, Hove, Aldrington, Portslade, Fishersgate, Shoreham-by-Sea, Southwick, Lancing, Sompting, Steyning, Upper Beeding and Bramber.

Company Registration Number: 13054084

Registered in England and Wales